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In business, it can be hard to find the energy and motivation to do what needs to be done for the group. Whether it is due to someone’s individual needs, a lack of group cohesion or general confusion about what the end goal is, taking the steps toward big changes as an organization is often a daunting challenge. We’ve faced this problem many times, however, as a family, there isn’t the option to merely hire new siblings. You have to make it work by working together.

What to Expect

Our speech, “Coming Full Circle,” is designed to uplift your organization with stories of how our family of 21 survived by considering and relying on the role of every member. Through true stories, full of bittersweet memories, and funny recollections, we will give every member of your group the motivation they need to take on their next project. Our experiences will not only entertain but also teach some valuable and relatable lessons. Prepare to both laugh and cry.
This speech does more than provide a different perspective to approaching group dynamics. It is designed to inspire the audience and remind them why they do what they do. While listening, they will uncover new ways that they can have a positive impact on the world and find the strength of resolve that they may have started with, but which somehow weakened as time went on.
Here’s what we’ll discuss in “Coming Full Circle”:

Negativity’s Power

In a large family of 19 children, negativity travels fast, and the only defense against it is a healthy dose of positivity. If you want to enjoy a successful team environment, you have to start by being the light. This means putting yourself in the shoes of the people around you. It’s something we’ve learned to do as a family, not because it sounds trendy, but because it was absolutely necessary.
Counteracting negativity is even more imperative in the workplace. Consider how people react to feedback, for example. When someone tells you something negative, you’re much more likely to remember it for hours, days, or years to come. But when someone tells you something positive, will you really take it in? Will you really believe what they say? Maybe, but it’s likely that only 50% of positive or encouraging comments are personalized, while the vast majority of negative criticism is personalized.
We’ll share some of the tactics we used to minimize negativity in our family so that your entire team can do the same.

Your Impact

You are touching lives every moment that you breathe. It’s hard to say whose lives you are touching, so you never know the exact effect you’re having on the people around you. In our family, we were fortunate to see some of the impacts of our actions daily, and we’ll share some of those stories. However, it wasn’t just limited to within our family. We were touched by strangers in ways you wouldn’t even think about, just like you may be doing every single day. Through heartfelt reflection, our talk will encourage listeners to make a positive impact in the world.

The Three P’s

Growing up in a large family teaches many life skills, but one of the largest is how to be conscious of both your actions and your plans. Our household operated on hard work, efficiency, and teamwork.. With 18 other children around, you have to be responsible for not only taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you but also be willing to take steps to make your own opportunities. We’ve outlined the steps in a process called the three P’s: patience, planning, and perseverance and detail them in “Coming Full Circle”.