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The Function of an ad litem attorney on your child custody case

The court could create an ad litem lawyer on its own motion or on the motion of one or both of the parties. Often times if you really feel as though your situation is very strong and you want to expose the estimate into the characteristics that you think are positive for you then you can request your attorney to file a motion to have an ad litem appointed. The costs are often split between the parties or divided on the basis of income together with the celebration whose income is greater taking on the higher percentage of the load of paying the ad litem. A case will take longer using an ad litem as we are about to see, the ad litem’s job is conduct a thorough examination of both parties to help guarantee the judge makes a decision that’s in the best interest of that child.

What exactly does the ad litem attorney do in your case?

Setup interviews with you, your ex-spouse and your child. These interviews are probably the most important part of what the ad litem attorney actually does. Learning more about you all, your attitudes towards your family, your goals for parenting and your overall disposition can be invaluable for the judge.

In regard to your child, the ad litem is going to do their best not to discuss too much of these details with you child but will talk to the kid about both you and their other parent. Questions which seem innocent for your kid like, “Tell me what actions your mom and dad do with you,” or, “What do you and your mom and dad talk about?”

Collect evidence from physicians, therapists and schools. The attorney ad litem has the power to issue subpoenas to such type of external entities which might have information that could be applicable and helpful for your court. School records including report cards and disciplinary write ups would go a long way to show how your kid was going in school both socially and academically.

Medical records can clear the atmosphere in the event you and your partner are in disagreement on a medical issue or how one of you managed an emergency health situation.

Make recommendations to the judge. Ultimately the judge has made this attorney to function as the ad litem in your situation because he or she considers the ad litem to be of a good judge of character and capable to help in the decision making process. The ad litem can make recommendations concerning matters related to ownership, access, visitation and child support.

Many parties will do anything they believe is necessary to ditch the affections of their ad litem and in some cases I cannot assert that this is a useful tactic. If you are placing the interests of your child before your own you’ll be off to a good start in the view of the ad litem lawyer as well as the judge on your case.

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