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We are a father-daughter team of motivational speakers that focus on inspiring corporate groups through personal storytelling. Our unique outlook on life was forged by our unusual experiences as a family of 21. When you book either one of us, your group will receive a keynote address that will impact the audience in ways you may not have expected. We’ll tell the stories of our family life in a way that connects with even the most diverse crowd so that they are both entertained and excited. Our goal is to impart the basic tenants of teamwork, integrity, and serving others before ones-self.

Rolando Leal

As a father of nineteen children, I know how to roll with the punches that come along with parenthood and life. Alongside my wife, I have adopted eight different times, raising our many children to successful adulthood. If I was able to motivate my own kids, I’ll be able to motivate your team.

I use my experiences as a parent and educator to illustrate, what I call the Universal Points for Successful Living. I believe in being compassionate towards everyone I cross paths with, and in finding ways to overcome adversity as a family and as a team. My stories will inspire your coworkers to look for the good in their team, see what they have in common, and collaborate for a common goal.

I use both humor and emotion to keep audiences engaged and aim to take them from laughter to tears and back to laughter. In the end, I leave them with life lessons that they will remember and utilize in all aspects of their life.


Rachel Leal-Hudson

As the oldest daughter of nineteen siblings, I have the determination that comes with being the eldest in a large family – including an eagerness to share my experiences with others. I now work as an attorney, where I fight for the rights of children in underserved locations. Being an attorney goes hand-in-hand with being a motivational speaker, and my background gives me substantial and meaningful insight into many of the issues organizations face. I strive to impart the lessons that I’ve gained from my childhood on those who did not grow up in such unique families.

Hard work is something I value. I overcame many struggles at a very young age and developed tenacity and resilience, as well as a deep sense of faith. Along with my father, I will inspire your group to preservere, no matter the challenges ahead.

I believe that with the right tools anyone can learn how to find their own happiness and fulfillment. I focus on using my story to inspire others to find their inner strength.

How We Work Together

We each offer fascinating stories of resilience and faith through challenging times; however, it’s as a father-daughter duo, that we really shine. With us, your group will gain both of our perspectives on the same experiences. We’ll discuss our approach to working as a team from the role of adult and child in our large, blended family. It’s a deeply moving story that we inject humor into whenever we can. We aim to captivate audiences with our testimony of family, faith, and love.

When you book a speech with us, you can be confident that we will bring energy, emotion, and inspiration to your team. Whether you are hiring speakers for a community group or a corporation, we can provide a heart-touching experience that the entire audience will reflect on for a long time to come.